All About Me! Tech task #1

A little about myself:

Hi! My Name is Heather Novak. I grew up on a farm five minutes away from Melville, Saskatchewan. I come from a very large family of 12! Yes, 12! I have 5 sisters and 6 brothers, soon to be 4 brother-in-laws and 3 sister-in-laws. Also, I will soon be an aunt for the 9th time! Having a big family makes family so important to me and having so many nephews and nieces are what began my passion for children and teaching. I am currently in my fourth and last year of the Elementary Education program at the University of Regina. This is a great accomplishment for me as I am the first out of my family to  graduate from university.

With School and work, there is not a lot of spare time for myself. However, when I do get some spare time I like to surf the internet, relax in front of the television and watch a really good movie. As well, I like to read a good book and sometimes draw. During the warmer months, I like to take scenic walks and enjoy nature. I like to go camping with the family at least once a year during the summer months.

Previous experience with technology:

I love working with technology! It is great how I can do many things with the technology that I have. I only use technology enough to only know and do some of the basic things with it like word documents, power points, facebook and e-mail. Google is my trusty little friend when I want or need to know some kind of information whether it comes to how to cook something properly to how to fix something on my computer. I can get frustrated when I do not know how to do something on the computer, but I will not stop looking until I find out how to do it by either Google or fiddling around with it.  I am hoping this class will teach me more to release those frustrations.

How I feel about technology in the classroom:

My nephew is 2 years old and he knows how to use my sister-in-laws iphone and how to get to his games on there. They are all learning how to use technology at a young age. I believe that the next generation of children are the technology experts and the technology generation and they need to be in a way taught this technology. Soon the jobs that they will be applying for will involve some kind of technology and the students need to have this knowledge of technology. Having technology in the classroom also makes learning fun for the students and sometimes the teacher. The students in my classroom lit up when we got to use the smartboard and paid attention so much more when using it. The only limitations on using technology in the classroom is most classrooms do not have enough computers for students to use and some schools might not have the money for this kind of technology.

Expectations for the class:

My expectations for this class is to learn about all the different types of technology out there that I did not know existed or did not bother trying because I did not know how to use it. I want to gain experience and confidence with using technology and learn more about how I can use the technology in the classroom other than using word documents and power points. I hope to release frustrations that I run into when working on the computer because I do not know how to do a particular thing. I just want to overall learn about the great technology out there and have fun doing it!!


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