Sir Ken Robinson- Do Schools Kill Creativity?

In this TED talk, Sir Ken Robinson makes a humorous and entertaining case about how schools tend to kill creativity within students. He makes many great and thought provoking points about how schools today do not focus on creativity when teaching students and that is not helping students in their futures. He talks of how we should create these schools that educate the whole being and that nurtures this creativity.

I had to much agree with Robinson. He makes quite a bit of reasonable and valid points about creativity in schools. I was always a student on the creative side and loved the arts especially when it came to drawing. I used to draw all the time and I lost that creativity over the years because it was not needed in my schooling.

Robinson had said in his talk that creativity is as important as literacy and that we should treat it with the same status. I agree with this point. Creativity is so important in this world and we do not even realize it! If it was not for creativity we would not have many of our famous statues and skyscrapers. We would not have technology like we do today if it wasn’t for those people who used their creativity to create what we have today.

Another point that Robinson had made was about how children take chances because they do not care whether they are wrong or not. However, in school making a mistake these days seems to be the worst mistake you could make. We, as educators, pressure students to have the right answers at all times. We try to, as Robinson said, produce University professors and be knowledgeable, but their is no creativity being produced when we teach like that. We educate people out of their creativity.

The last valid point that Robinson made was how in School, Arts Education is at the bottom of the hierarchy. I agree with this point quite a bit. When interning in the school, we only got about 2-3, maybe 4 hours of Art per week! Most of the time, in a typical week, the students did not even get that much because Art was one of the subjects that got replaced to make up for the time in Math or English. Art is one of those subjects that gets passed over and that is very unfair to those students who worked and got better marks in Art than any other subject. I had a student who did not do very well in any of their subjects except Art. Now that I think about it, how unfair it was for that student who could of did so much better if we incorporated creativity or the artistic part of art into every subject. How well do you think they would of did then?

To Sum it up, Robinson makes valid points that current and future teachers/educators should think about. We should watch how we educate our students and educate their whole being and not just the academic part that will squander their creativity and strip them of great opportunities.


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