The Need for Technology Education

This is a great example of how as educators we need to educate students about how to properly and appropriately use the internet. This example shows how the internet and youtube services can be used wrongly and create so much controversy. This girl was obviously not taught the consequences of posting a video on the internet and what things should not be stated on the internet like racist comments towards another race. This gives me more motivation to teach students technology and how to use it appropriately so the next generation will not make mistakes like this girl and lose the chance for so many opportunities in life which I think she will lose.

That is just my opinion, but let me know about yours on this topic…


2 responses to “The Need for Technology Education

  1. Hmm…maybe someone should critique this woman’s choice of dress and tone of voice. No matter what words come out of her mouth, I can’t help but stereotype her as a “bimbette”. (Sexist me.) Seriously, this woman studies? I wonder what. I wonder who will hire her and for what reasons. Couldn’t stand listening to more than a minute and a half of what she has to say. I’m guessing her non-verbal communication has said it all.

  2. Thanks for sharing Heather. I don’t think the problem was that she didn’t know how to use technology properly. I think the problem was that she was ignorant, insensitive, and most of all, racist. She shouldn’t have to be told that if she posts racist comments that she’s going to receive extremely negative backlash. Another thing that makes me really angry was seeing a support group from her on Facebook because she said “sorry”. I find it hard to believe that she is sorry for what she said – she is just sorry she is having to deal with the consequences of her actions. She SHOULD have to deal with the consequences. This type of behaviour should not be tolerated in any way and she deserves to have to struggle for a little while. I do believe in second chances but she has done nothing, thus far, to prove she deserves forgiveness.

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