Inspiration comes from many things

As you may have already noticed, a lot of my inspiration for creating a new post is a video. I love watching youtube or any other videos that I find on the website. If I really like it then I love to share it with others. I stumbled upon this video below yesterday and was blown away. This eleven year old composed a lullaby for her cousin that was just born. It shows how much potential children have when they are young and full of creativity. As a pre-service teacher, I wanna instill this type of creativity in my students so they create beautiful, creative products like this song. It does not take much inspiration for a child before they have a great idea and go through with it and the end product is wonderful! I think it is a teachers job to give these students the power to be creative. It could be by them creating a final project in whatever form they want whether it be a song, video or a piece of artwork. This girl opened my eyes a bit to show that young children can be full of so much potential and creativity, all you have to do is support them and give them that power or chance to show it!

This girl started composing songs at a young age and has become well-known for her singing, piano playing and composing! I hope to have many ambitious students like this girl!!

Check out a few more videos of her and listen to the great songs she has composed. This girl is amazing for her age!

Superstar video

Broken Hearted video

Paradise Video





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