Frustration with technology

Nearing the end of the semester, the last thing I need is a virus on my computer especially when all my projects are done on the computer. This is something that happened to me last night! I got a virus on my computer that caused so much havoc and a near breakdown. The virus caused me to not be able to open any of my programs on the computer. This caused me so much panic that I was not going to be able to get rid of it. This frustration is something that can turn some especially the older generations off of technology because of the headaches it can cause. Educating others about technology, how to protect their technology, how to know which sites on the internet are suspicious and not to go on those sites. This education would save some headaches for most, but what would save the headaches is if there were no viruses or that there would be a clear solution that is easy to find! However, things just cannot be that easy.


One response to “Frustration with technology

  1. I just got a virus today. I have had my computer for 4 years without any problems. I was very upset! I know I was the cause of several viruses on my family computer when I was a teenager but my brothers taught me where it was safe to download from and what websites to avoid. I was grateful to have the opportunity to learn how to avoid unsafe environments when using the computer. I don’t know how I got the virus today but my AVG gave me a notice saying it detected something. When I went to put the file in a virus vault the window closed and my AVG disappeared. I was able to open AVG a different way and opened my other virus scanner. I ran them both but neither of them found a virus. Hopefully my computer is okay! I completely agree that life would be so much easier if viruses never existed! I know several older adults who avoid using the internet because they are so fearful of viruses. Maybe a little education can make people more open to using computers to their full potential!

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