My very first screencast!

So, I was working on my final project in ECMP 355 and one of the things I needed to do was create two screencasts introducing two of the websites that will be on my group’s wikispace. I was a little nervous to do these screencasts as I had never done one before. So I figured the first thing I needed to do was download a program to do these screencasts and decided on camtasia so I could edit it. I decided to just jump right in with both feet and do them. They turned out not bad! I was able to edit them which was good since for the first time I made mistakes and was able to cut them out. The experience was not bad at all. I have even decided that I will do my final reflection using camtasia and screencasting! I actual do not mind screencasting which surprised me and it is not hard to figure out and editing on camtasia is not hard at all either which is real nice!

You can check out the screencasts that I have done at the following:

My very first screencast

My second screencast


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