Tech Task #10- Digital Identity

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Digital Identity is how people see you on the internet and the activities you do whether it be twitter, facebook, myspace and so on. Some people take responsibility for their digital identities while others put things on the net that ruin their identities.

Last week, we had Alec’s brother come in and talk to us about what principals and administrators look for when hiring teachers. Like we have been told before, they tend to look for your digital identities on the net which would include Facebook, myspace, and Twitter. If there are inappropriate things on those websites about you then you get passed over for the job. Many teachers have been already fired because of pictures on their Facebook. One teacher, Ashley Payne, was fired for some pictures that she had posted on her facebook profile. The picture below is one of the particular pictures that she was fired for. She claims that she was not intoxicated and was enjoying a drink like every other adult. However, the school saw it differently and she was asked to step down. As a soon to be teacher, I have to be aware of the pictures that are on Facebook of me and make sure they are appropriate. I also have to let my friends and family aware of this so pictures that I do not want up there end up there. I actually just finished deleting some pictures off of my profile on Facebook that I thought were too inappropriate or would not pass by a principal or administrator.

Another thing to think about is to watch how you act at school because one wrong decision and your identity could be ruined by a video that went viral. An example of what I mean is the teachers from Winnipeg who decided to do a lap dance in front of all the students at a pep rally. This got out by students recording this on their phones and then uploading it to youtube. These teachers received the consequences and will forever have this digital identity of the Winnipeg teachers who did a lap dance at pep rally. Teachers, and it is stressed now in University, to be careful what you post whether it be photos, comments or videos.

When teaching, we have to teach students about digital identity and how to make their digital identity appropriate and responsible. We can teach these students by teaching what is appropriate to put on the net. They need to watch what videos are put up of them as well as photos and the comments they make. They, as well, need to watch what they say on a video. The last thing they need to have is the digital identity that the UCLA racist girl now has. This girl will forever be known as the UCLA racist girl because she made the wrong decisions and decided to voice her opinion on a video that went viral because of the content in it.

Many have had a positive digital identity like Rebecca Black and Justin Bieber . These two people have made a name for themselves in a positive way by what they decided to post on youtube. They made decisions about what they would put on the internet and they are both younger than Alexandra Wallace A.K.A. UCLA racist girl! It just shows that we can teach our students to make the right decisions and hope that they will listen and follow this or make the wrong decisions which they could potentially regret. We need to educate them, but it is still ultimately there decision.


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