Terror in Brazil

I came across this article on thursday and was overwhelmed with a flutter of emotions. The article is about a shooting that happened in a elementary school in Brazil! An elementary school of all places! I have always heard about shootings in Universities and High schools but never an elementary school. I felt sad and shocked when I first saw the headline and nearly cried when reading the article about the 10 girls and 2 boys who were killed at a young age for no reason. I have no way to comprehend why this twenty five year old would want to kill innocent children. I also came to think about if this ever happened in Canada in the school I am teaching at. It’s just a scary thought that schools are now becoming or seeming to become a dangerous place to work and learn which is scary. Schools are supposed to be a safe environment where everyone can learn and be safe. It just breaks my heart to read stories like this and comprehend the reasons for this violent act.

Here is a youtube video that tells about the shooting:


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