Teaching Philosophy

My Philosophy of teaching is something that is ongoing and continuously changing. This is my philosophy as of right now, but I am sure it will change in my first year of teaching in my own classroom where I am able to experiment with different teaching strategies. I also sure that every year or couple years it will change again. In my fifteenth year of teaching my philosophy might look very different from what it is now. It is something that changes with growth and knowledge in teaching and professional learning.

Philosophy of Teaching

  • I believe that all children learn differently. Not all students learn the same way and to teach them well you have to use different instructional strategies. Children have multiple intelligences and as a teacher I have to try and teach to all of those intelligences by incorporating strategies of how they learn best. To teach them well, I have to learn from my mistakes and change my approaches to teaching if they are not working. I must teach for the student and not for the teacher.
  • I believe that a teacher is an educator as well as a person that a student can come and talk to. A teacher is someone who educates students about everything that they need to learn to be successful when they grow up. However, teachers are also someone that students can come and talk to. Teachers are a students’ support and a friend that they can trust and talk to. I believe teachers can be a student’s teacher, but also their friend at the same time.

  • I believe that the classroom is a safe environment where students can come and learn. It is a community of learning where students learn together as a community. Students learn from each other as well as they learn from the teacher. The teacher is able to learn from the students in many ways too. It is a place where no one is judged for their right or wrong answers and the work that they do. Everyone is treated equal and relationships are formed within this environment.

  • I believe that the curriculum is the most important part of teaching. It is required to teach by the government. It is also is a very useful guideline for teaching students the things they need to know. It is a guideline for teaching all subject areas and it gives helpful resources for lesson ideas and lesson plans. It is something that needs to be taught to students so they become knowledgeable of all subject areas. It is a starting point to their planning of a unit in a subject area. It is something that can be molded to fit the students and teachers needs.

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