Here is a collection of all the units that I have created. They are just overviews of the unit and has some detail of each of the lessons. If you want full lesson plans then go to the Lesson Plans page.

Science Units:

Light Unit:

Grade 4 Science Unit– This document shows the overview of my Grade 4 Science Light Unit. It goes through the details of each lesson, the objectives each lesson covers and my assessment of the Science Journals and Safety in the classroom.

Science Journal- This is the science journal that I would use when teaching the Light Unit. Each activity or page in this journal coordinates with the lessons.

Solar System Unit:

Science Unit overview– This is an overview of my Grade 3 Science Solar System Unit. It has a brief overview of each lesson that I planned to teach in the unit as well as which objectives were covered in each lesson and any resources that was needed for the lesson like a website for example.

Science Journa1– This is the science journal that I used when teaching the Solar System Unit in my Grade 3 class. Each of the pages coordinate with the lessons that were taught.

Dance Unit:

Grade 3 Dance Mini unit– This is an overview of a dance mini-unit that I did with a grade 3 class. I taught the elements of dance as well as the students creating a emotion dance based on a certain emotion.

Health Unit:

Health Unit– This is an overview of a Health unit that I did in the Grade 3 class. Now this unit is based off of the ‘Fully Alive’ program that is implemented in the Catholic School system. This unit is based on the Identity/Family Unit in this program.

Language Arts Units:

Poetry Unit:

Unit Plan– This is an overview of the Poetry Unit that I did in a Grade 4 class. It goes into some depth of each of the lessons that I taught in the unit as well as which objectives are met in each of the lessons.

Novel Study:

Midnight on the Moon novel study– This is a novel study that I did in a Grade 3 class on “Midnight on the Moon” by Mary Pope Osborne. This was taught at the same time of the Solar System unit to make it a solar system thematic Unit. There is no overview of the novel study, but it is the novel study booklet that I used in the class with the students.

Midnight on the Moon Comprehension Test-This is a comprehension test that I gave to the students to see how much they remember from the book after reading it.

ESL Fairy Tale Unit:

unit design lessonsThis is a thematic mini unit that I created for my University ENGL 326 class which is ‘Teaching Students English as a Second Language’. This document is just the lesson plans describing what I would teach for this unit and how. There is no overview for this unit.

cinderellasequencecards– This is sequence cards that would go with one of my lessons. It is sequence cards for the Fairy tale ‘Cinderella’ that I found on a website that went well with my lesson.


One response to “Units

  1. Hi Heather,
    Excellent work.
    I was wondering if you have an answer booklet for the journal on the light unit please? Thank you so much for sharing your work.

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