Welcome to my Blog!
My name is Heather and
this is my Blog for my
University Class ECMP
355! I am a faculty of
Education Student at the
University of Regina in my
last year of my degree. This
is my very first blog and
introduction to new
technology that I can use
on my own time or within a classroom. This blog is the beginning of
my virtual identity as well as showcase myself and the things that I
have done within an elementary classroom and in my University
classes. I am not the most comfortable with sharing myself online
and not knowing who is reading, but I am hoping to grow on this. I
hope you enjoy my blog and everything it has to offer. Feel free
to leave comments! Thanks and Enjoy!

Table of Contents:
      1. About Me!-You get to learn a bit about me and who I am.
      2. Blogfolio- My professional footprint
           3. Lesson Plans- Look at the many different lesson plans 
              that I have created and taught for certain subjects.

           4. Resume- View my professional Teaching Resume.
           5. Teaching Philosophy- See my beliefs and values 
              towards teaching students and teaching altogether
           6. Units- Look at the brief overview of the units I 
              have created and used within the classroom.

      7. Reflections- View my blog posts that describe things I 
         have learned about technology or education as well as 
         my opinions and thoughts on certain things.
      8. Tech Tasks- Check out the different tech tasks that I 
         have done within my ECMP 355 class.


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